Power Generation

For over 30 years, our suppliers have manufactured connectors for power, signal and hybrid applications as well as power distribution solutions.

At Industrial Power Systems, our Syntax connectors and PowerBox units have been used all over the world to manage power and electric signals in fields such as industry, automotive, broadcasting, shipbuilding & ship to shore power, international sporting events, live shows, military and many more.

Power Distribution

At Industrial Power Systems, we supply SPX, SPZ, SPY and SPV, the new PowerSyntax series of Powerlock compatible single pole electrical connectors specifically suited for the electrical supply management from 480amp up to 750amp.

Although fully intermateable with the original (and all the previous Syntax versions), the new PowerSyntax features several mechanical and technical enhancements that have been designed and incorporated to redefine the standards on this category of connectors as for safety, reliability, ease of handling and robustness in the harshest conditions.

Power you can Rely On

PowerBox factory offers a vast range of PDUs, boxes, panels, adapters, cable extensions and splitters to safely manage power distribution, all designed and built to be fully compliant with the safety regulations. Our production includes innovative customized sub-assembly of component rails for our customers, utilizing PowerBox components to provide cost savings and product dependability.

Typical Applications include:

  • Electrical power systems
  • Power distribution
  • Outdoor concerts and sporting events
  • Outdoor broadcasting
  • Theatres
  • Mobile generators
  • Industrial vehiclesRailway installations
  • Military installations
  • Load banks
  • Backup power systems
  • Electrical power supply companies
  • Heavy industry


Our Syntax circular bayonet multipin connectors are built in compliance with MIL-C-5015 (formally known as SAE-AS50151) and VG 95234 military standards, this means that they are designed and built to be tough and reliable. They are also extremely versatile making them suitable to a vast range of indoor and outdoor applications as well as to carry signal and/or power, depending on the type of connection the job requires.

Product Approvals & Certification