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Oil and Gas

Industrial Power Systems offers a wide range of solutions for offshore vessels and rigs. With DEIF’s class-approved solutions, you are guaranteed an energy-efficient and intelligent power management system with supreme safety and reliability.

Our dedicated project team has years of experience with offshore applications and will assist you throughout the project.

Engine and Generator Control

For simple backup applications (where you need the genset to start on command or automatically if the mains fail), DEIF offers a range of single generator controllers featuring varying I/Os, multiple functions, engine interface on CAN, programmable logic features.

For Parallel operation of gensets in island and parallel to utility, with load sharing, peak shaving functions featuring engine & generator protection, CAN engine interface and programmable logic features.

For advanced genset paralleling applications in island and parallel to utility operation. Capabilities include integration of PV and battery storage, engine and generator protection, CAN engine interface, and programmable logic features with redundancy options in CAN and HW.


Industrial Power Systems supply a comprehensive range of tested multiple protection & single-function protection relays. The microprocessor-based, protection integrate maximum protection functionalities as standard and conforms to various global standards.

Switchboard Equipment

Industrial Power Systems offers a wide range of analogue meters, transducers, multi-instruments and hour-counters.

The product range also comprises various current transformers for standard AC measurement and AC protection.

Engine Starting Systems

HUEGLI TECH has enjoyed the trust of our customers since 1929 and they are proud that their family business has grown into a world leader in Starting Solutions. Their vast knowledge, best practices experience, and close relationship with the market allow them to best serve their customers.

HUEGLI TECH’s Starting Solutions and expert advice provide customers with an individual and reliable solution that fulfills all their requirements and expectations.


DEIF’s AMC 300, AWC 500, and AMC 600 controllers are open, programmable Linux®-based controllers suitable for a wide range of power control applications, even in harsh operating environments.

They can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures and can withstand severe mechanical and electrical disturbances, for example 50 g shock. These and other factors give them a life expectancy of, at least 10 years (at 40°C reference temperature), so you make the most of your investment and save on service costs.

All controllers use EtherCAT as their native communication protocol but come with great flexibility. They allow you to use OPC UA, CAN/CANopen, J1939, Modbus TCP/RTU, Profibus DP, and PROFINET for integration with other systems. Additionally, you get support for internet data exchange with secure HTTPS/WSS/JSON interfaces.

Product Approvals & Certification