Diesel & Gas Engine Spares

Diesel & Gas Engine Spares

Industrial Power Systems Ltd are an independent company specialising in the supply of spares and service for the following diesel and gas engine types, Ruston / English Electric, Jenbacher, Caterpillar, Mirrlees, Blackstone, Dorman, Waukesha and Deutz.

Our aim is to provide a professional response to incoming parts enquiries on diesel engines and to deliver competitively priced components for diesel and gas engines on time.

Our Experience

We have a particular experience with the various generations of Ruston / English Electric medium speed diesel engines and dual fuel diesel engines plus Jenbacher gas engines.

The provision of spare parts and service for diesel and gas engines which our management team has effectively been involved with since the mid 1980's.

The Quality Management System of Industrial Power Systems Ltd has been approved by ISOQAR to the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard.

Scope of Activities: The supply of gas and diesel engine replacement parts and associated services.

The Health & Safety system of Industrial Power Systems Ltd has been approved by ISOQAR to the OHSAS 18001: 2007 Standard.

Gas Engine Spares

Due to the huge success in supplying spare parts and assemblies for all the leading British diesel engine types, Industrial Power Systems Ltd was inundated with requests to supply spare parts for use on gas engines.

In response to the requests to produce Gas Engine Spares, Industrial Power Systems Ltd can supply gas engine spare parts suitable for use on Jenbacher, Caterpillar, Waukesha and Deutz gas engines.

Should you have a gas engine not included above then please send us your enquiries as we feel sure that we will be able to assist you.

Whether your engine is running on natural gas, coke/hydrogen gas, landfill gas, mine gas or wood gas you can rely on Industrial Power Systems Ltd to provide a professional response to incoming parts enquiries and to deliver competitively priced components on time.

We have particular experience with the various generations of Jenbacher gas engines J312GS, J316GS, J320GS, J420GS, J612GS, J616GS and J620GS as the Managing Director of Industrial Power Systems Ltd was previously employed by the UK distributor of Jenbacher, ending his career with the company as a Project Manager on the installation side of the business. Previous to this he was involved in the conversion of diesel engines to run on hydrogen gas in a purposely built 70, 000sq ft premises. In addition to this he travelled the world on fact finding missions to Canada, Europe, India, and Nigeria to name but a few places.

We hope you can include our company in your supplier listings and favour us with your future enquires for any gas engine spares. You can be assured of an enthusiastic response and very competitive prices.

Service Department

Industrial Power Systems Ltd specialises in servicing and supplying spare parts for a huge range of diesel and gas engine types.

Industrial Power Systems Ltd Ltd are an independent company specialising in the service and maintenance of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems especially for Jenbacher, Caterpillar, and Deutz gas engines.

Industrial Power Systems Ltd has become renowned for excellence in CHP maintenance due to the vast experience of our mechanical and electrical engineers.

CHP is the simultaneous production of heat and power from a single fuel source.

CHP improves operating profits through reduced energy costs and reduced carbon emissions, and offers standby generation and greater energy flexibility. CHP has long life.

Our Service Department aims is to maximise our customer’s energy savings and plant availability through reduced operating costs and increased reliability.

Factory Reconditioning Service

We also offer a factory reconditioning service for those components and assemblies that can be reliably and economically recycled, for example: Connecting Rods, Cylinder Heads etc.

And according to specific customer demand we can supply used/refurbished complete engines and major engine components.

All reconditioned assemblies, sub-assemblies or components can be delivered with Lloyds or equal inspection certification as appropriate.

Why choose Industrial Power Systems Ltd for all of your Jenbacher requirements?

Service Exchange parts or reconditioning of your existing parts including:

  • Cylindr Heads
  • Conn Rods
  • Throtle Valves
  • Starter Motors
  • Oil Pumps
  • Water Pumps
  • Vibration Dampers
  • Short Blocks
  • Exchange Engines

It is Industrial Power Systems Ltd policy to supply original equipment manufactured (OEM) spare parts and a mixture of genuine spare parts from the engine manufacturer. If it is not possible to get genuine/OEM spare parts then Industrial Power Systems Ltd will supply their own manufactured spare parts which will be inspected, tested and unless otherwise stated, conform in all aspects with the requirements of the contract or order. All parts will be manufactured by leading component suppliers in accordance with the relevant British or European standards, and will be fully guaranteed for 12 months in respect of design, materials and workmanship. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim the part in question will immediately be replaced free of charge.


  • ISO9001 approved
  • Same quality as engine manufacturer
  • Spare Parts manufactured in UK/EC
  • Spare Parts inspection before shipment
  • Warranty & Guarantee

Spare parts carry Industrial Power Systems Ltd 12 month warranty which is more than engine manufacturers standard warranty on new parts.

Industrial Power Systems Ltd give warranty/guarantee that the equipment/spares supplied are new in accordance with the specification applicable to the respective machine/equipment. The material used is in accordance with latest appropriate standard specification and complete of good workmanship throughout and also inter-changeable with originally/previously fitted respective equipment/spares.

Industrial Power Systems Ltd also give warranty/guarantee that the equipment/spares supplied will fit in the respective place of the machinery/equipment.

If any defect/discrepancy arises during fitting in respective machinery/equipment after receipt of equipment’s/spares by consignee/end user, the supply of that part will be replaced free of charge within the minimum amount of time after establishment of discrepancies.

Industrial Power Systems Ltd will also cover warranty of 12 (Twelve) months from the date of acceptance of the equipment/spares by the end user.