DEIF Pitch motors are based on state of the art technology for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, PMSM.

The high peak torque capability makes the PMSM unique for pitch applications, which make the motor size smaller than other motor types.The motors have no external fan or additional components; therefore the robustness is high meaning low maintenance. The motors are equipped with a high precision resolver for closed loop control system and high accuracy positioning and have built-in electro magnetic, fail safe brake. Additionally they have KTY and PT100 sensors for monitoring of motor state.

The motors can be supplied as onshore/offshore and specific low temperature models.


  • High precision resolver
  • Build in 24 V brake (total power: 160W)
  • Built in PT100 temperator sensor in the rotor windings
  • Built in KTY in rotor winding
  • IP65 complete motor
  • Easy snap motor cables

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