The new generation of DEIF’s Thyristor Control Module (TCM-2) is very robust and designed to endure the harsh environment in a wind turbine. The TCM-2 is applied as a soft starter for connecting the turbine generator to the grid. DEIF TCM-2 is the most robust control solution for soft grid connection.

The TCM-2 includes very advanced RPM-based double cut-in ramp that reduces grid impact and protective to the drive train, which no other Thyristor Controllers can compare with. It is perfect as a stand-alone component, but the CAN bus interface also makes it ideal for applications with a supervisory process controller.


  • Operating temperature -25...70oC
  • Vibration DNV class A+C
  • 110V AC to 690V AC
  • CAN bus interface
  • Advanced cut-in by acceleration depending double cut-in ramp
  • Strongly reduced grid impact under cut-in
  • Stand-alone unit with external rpm pulse sensor on generator shaft
  • Applicable for 1- and 2-speed asynchronous generators

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