We have years of experience developing, testing and commissioning reliable and flexible engine and genset control solutions for both new and aging systems and we have what it takes to keep systems in prime condition by always securing an operational and competitive system solution – including when the warranty has expired.

Integrated Solutions

Industrial Power Systems products are integrated solutions which include logic functions such as blackout start, load-dependent start/stop, heavy consumer control, load shedding, priority control and plant operational modes. These system solutions operate without additional equipment such as external PLCs.

Dedicated Project Manager

We always recommend selecting a complete project solution for your application. Our dedicated project managers will take full responsibility for the Industrial Power Systems application solution, offering full support throughout all project timeline.

Right from specification to commissioning:

  • Consultancy
  • Functional Design Specification (FDS)
  • Documentation
  • Customised software
  • Commissioning
  • Service and Warranty

All project solutions are subject to a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and approved by client / relevant classification societies.

Upon order placement of an Industrial Power Systems project solution, your project will be assigned to a dedicated Project Manager. The dedicated project manager will follow your project solution through all project phases and ensure the project is delivered on time.

Power Generation

Upgrading your old control systems with new technology will not only optimise the operation of your gensets and make them more robust but will also extend the life of your asset. Additionally, you will also benefit from reduced fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Industrial Power Systems Upgrades:

  • Health check and type approvals with the classification society (FAT, SAT)
  • Schematical drawings
  • Exchange and installation of new equipment (power management, ship energy monitoring, switchboard equipment, cabinets, graphical interface)
  • Complete update of product relevant documentation
  • Complete retrofit
  • Staff Training


Retrofitting your vessel can reduce the cost for maintenance, increase reliability, cut emissions and provide you with new and more user-friendly features that will ease the everyday operation of your power management system.

Retrofits are often performed when a vessel reaches mid-life, and it is done when in dry dock or when docked at the port.

What We Do

Industrial Power Systems have upgraded many power management systems onboard all types of vessels, and our team of experienced engineers will assist you through the whole process:

  • Decommission the old system
  • Installation and testing the new system
  • Integrate the system to external equipment
  • Updating technical documentation and approval of the new system with a classification society.

Product Approvals & Certification